Purely CBD Mexico-Partner Distributor/ Program

Thanks for your interest in selling our organically pure, non GMO full spectrum CBD products.

Our CBD/THC line are grown and produced in Mexico and receive rave reviews from clients.


We also import a wide variety of hemp based/ no/ low THC products including a wide variety of high quality CBD oils, gummies, beauty and pet products from the USA. These are all 3rd party lab tested.  You can sell these items in the USA to your contacts there via our drop shipping options there. 


High quality reliable organic CBD products are in high demand in Mexico, with both expats and Mexicans. Expats rely on the healing abilities of CBD products, they use them north of the border and they can’t bring them down legally. So they need a reliable local resource. Over 75% of people who live north of the border have tried or use CBD products and experienced great results. Many use them regularly for themselves or their pets.


Many of our clients like to buy from a local person, health care provider or business they trust and with whom they can establish a personal trust relationship. They are well aware of the wonderful healing and pain relieving power of CBD products. And they want to have a reliable resource while they are in Mexico. You can be that trusted resource!


So we need you as our local Purely CBD Mexico partner!

And you can easily make a very good living, all while helping your friends and family.


Wholesale Options

You can also successfully and profitably market to wholesale resources such as local stores, spas, high end hotels, doctors and veterinarians. If you are interested in helping to sell our products on a wholesale basis, please contact us and we can discuss how we can work together to market in your local area.

How you can experience financial success with Purely CBD Mexico

Have you wanted to own your own business without high set up fees, lots of risk and costs? If so, this is a great profitable turnkey opportunity for you.

Selling our high quality CBD products offers flexible hours, the ability to help others and you can work from home. You decide on how much time you spend on marketing and growing your business.

Purely CBD Mexico is growing very quickly and we need your help to meet the demand for Purely CBD Mexico products though out Mexico. We offer an expanding exclusive line of full spectrum oils, balms, edibles and pet products.

Selling our high quality CBD products offers flexible hours, the ability to help others and you can work from home. You decide on how much time you spend on marketing and growing your business.

We provide support and training designed to aid in your success.  


By the way: This is not a MLM where we require you buy an expensive package and only the people at the top make any money.

Our distributor/ partners are earning a healthy income, working as much as they want, and they decide how they want to grow their own business.

Limited Number of Distributors/ Partners:

We work with a limited number of motivated, active distributors/ partners and stores/ hotels/ health providers per market. Purely CBD Mexico will also promote your business on our website.

There is NO requirement to buy an expensive package of products or to pay a subscription fee.

How Does the Financial Aspect Work?

We offer a very fair and equitable wholesale discount pricing schedule based on the volume of your purchases. You decide on what you buy and how much you charge your clients. See our attached excel spread sheet with all the financial details.



Are we required to pay a membership fee?  No, there is no upfront fee of any sort. No requirement to buy an expensive package of products upfront that you may not be able to sell that may end up in your closet, unsold.

What is the minimum initial purchase?  

4000 pesos is the minimum initial purchase to qualify for a discount as an partner. We do request you try our products before promoting them. We know you will be very happy and we believe you must know the product and feel confident of its quality before you sell it. We offer specially discounted low cost distributor size oil for you to try.


How do we order products from you?

We work personally with every distributor/ partner to help them determine and assess their market. We make suggestions about what kinds of products you might want to order based on your market. We give you suggestions about what products are our best sellers.


How do we make money with your company?  

You control how much you order every month and therefore the amount of discount you will receive. You determine the sale price of your product. We base our retail price on our market and what we charge online.


However, you can charge more if your market will support it. If you live in a city like Cabos San Lucas, Puerto Vallarta, San Miguel de Allende, Cancun, Merida, Mexico City or similar, you can charge significantly more.  We find there is very little price resistance given the prices for similar products is significantly higher in the USA or Canada.

Do you have friends who want to be distributors/ partners? We do compensate you for these referrals. Contact Wendy for more information.


What is the discount off the price and commission schedule?

You get a discount from 25% to 40% off retail prices depending on how much you order in a 30 day period.

You decide on how to price the products, we give you a suggested retail price.

We can also drop ship items if you wish to list our products on your CBD related website.

Are there other options?

Not yet ready to be a distributor but have friends to refer who want to place an order? We will pay you a 20% commission for anyone you refer to us who orders any Purely CBD Mexico product.

Just send us an email with your referral information. Our email is purelycbdmexico@gmail.com.

We can drop ship the order for you.  This is very convenient and easy way to earn some extra income and help a friend, or network contact.  

Using Purely CBD Products:

We do request that you try our products before becoming a distributor. It is important that you personally experience the quality of Purely CBD Mexico products before selling them.

We have an affordable distributor pack available of a bottle of 10 ml of Sativa and Indica Oil for you to try.

About our Purely CBD Mexico Products:


Purely CBD Mexico products are organically grown in Jalisco. They are not illegally imported into Mexico. They are not hemp based but are full spectrum marijuana based products.


Our new product line: We do offer a hemp based trace THC line of products from the USA, that are third party lab tested.


Our CBD/THC products are full spectrum,  with crucial terpenes and over 100 cannabonoids for the crucial entourage or ensemble effect.  They are marijuana, not hemp based.

Our high quality products contain enough THC for healing and pain relief but not enough to get anyone high. We believe in the entourage/ensemble effect.


You don’t need a high amount of THC for the positive impact of having a combination of CBD/ THC.

Check out https://premiumjane.com/blog/cbd-oil-and-the-entourage-effect-how-it-all-works/




Our products are of a superlative quality and our client service is the best out there.

Our prices are also less than what clients would pay in Canada or the USA, and we rarely get any objections to our pricing. You are, however, free to lower or raise prices based on your market.

Our producer uses NON GMO organic seeds from the USA. It is shipped to us in the Baja Sur and we package it and send it to you ready to sell.

We also work with expert herbalists to create our boutique infusions and balms with essential oils.


New Products:

Be sure to check our website for new products as we are adding more on a frequent basis.

Our mission is to be known as the high quality organic provider for  Indica/ Sativa oils, customized unique oil blends, specialized artisanal creams, pet products and edibles.


Purely CBD Mexico is working hard to establish great brand recognition and client loyalty.


Unique product lines

Pet treats, gummies, cookies, brownies, candies, custom oils infused with healing essential oils, and custom balms.

We use essential oils to aid in the healing and pain relieving qualities. We also consult with clients to create a custom blend upon request. There is no charge for this service.


We also offer 4:1 CBD/THC and 1:1 CBD/ THC pure products.

Training & Support

We do provide training and support to all our distributors. Wendy is available to answer any questions you may have about Purely CBD Mexico products, various medical conditions that can be helped by CBD and to provide general education about CBD and its many uses.

What a great way to help people and their pets and earn a nice supplemental income!

Legality of CBD Oil

Medical Marijuana is legal in Mexico; Congress is establishing some new laws that will hopefully be passed soon: In the meantime, these are the existing laws on the books.  Please do your research as well.








How Does It Work?

You simply buy what you feel your clients will need or have ordered from you.

You submit your order to us and we ship to you via Fedex, DHL or drop shipping directly to your clients is available upon request.

This is a turnkey opportunity; your products come ready to sell. Our products come to you in an attractive, professional looking package.  No need for you to hassle with packaging, or processing.

There is a very high demand for our Purely CBD Mexico products as they are of excellent quality and potency. They really do help with pain and so many other health challenges. Check out our many testimonials from satisfied clients.




Our Mission:

Purely CBD Mexico is committed to being a superlative quality, ethical, reputable company operating with the highest standard of integrity. We use our own products and swear by them. We are always expanding our product line to include specialty items you won’t find elsewhere. We are known for the highest quality products and great client support. We offer a unique exclusive client satisfaction guarantee.


We also are strong supporters of cannabis education. We offer evidence based education and articles via our large, growing

Facebook Group:  Everything CBD Mexico and More : https://www.facebook.com/groups/purelycbdmexico/

Website: www.purelycbdmexico.com

How to Successfully Market CBD Products

Our successful distributors are selling at local weekly markets or having fun wine and food parties.

Contact your friends and family members and let them know you are providing these helpful high quality CBD products. You will be surprised how many people are eager to buy from you.

Post about your business in your local Facebook groups and websites. We can show you how to successfully market your business and products.

So many expats have seen the healing power of marijuana-based CBD products in the USA and Canada and are eager to get them here. They can’t bring them down legally. So they are eager to buy from you!

We are very grateful to be able to share the wealth with you and spread the word and healing power of our Purely CBD Mexico products. You can make a good living helping people and their pets.

Interested in knowing more?

Please schedule a time to chat with Wendy Bri, our founder. She is happy to answer all of your questions.

Contact us via Facebook messenger or purelycbdmexico@gmail.com to set a time to talk or to sign up for our webinar.


Let’s talk soon about how you can create a fun, profitable business selling Purely CBD Mexico products. Our distributors are earning a healthy income, working on their own schedule.


All while helping their friends, family and other community members! What a great way to help people and their pets and earn a nice supplemental income!