Easy Payment Methods

We have many convenient & easy ways to pay:


* Please contact us at purelycbdmexico.com for help if you want to utilize these methods of payment. We are happy to guide you through the process. 


All Prices in Pesos


Oxxo: It is very easy and inexpensive to pay at your local Oxxo. You bring in pesos, give them a photo of our Bancomer debit card, ( contact us for this at purelycbdmexico@gmail.com ) tell them how much you want to pay, and that is it. The fee is 10 pesos. You send us a picture of your receipt. Be sure to keep it. It is your only record of payment. Our messenger account is Wendy Bri.


USA Bank Account: If you have Zelle, and most banks offer this service, you can easily pay into our Bank of America account. 


Santander/ Bancomer: You can deposit funds at your local Santander or Bancomer bank. Just bring a photo of our debit card and give the bank representative the pesos you want to pay, get a receipt and send a photo of it to us. Our messenger account is Wendy Bri. 


Paypal in USA: You can deposit funds in our vipcardmexico@gmail.com account. The fee is 4% paid to Paypal which will added to your balance. We can create a payment request for you sent to your email upon request to purelycbdmexico@gmail.com or Wendy Bri - Facebook messenger. You do not need a paypal account to pay in our USA Paypal account. 

Mercado Pago: Use your Mexican/ USA/ Canadian credit or debit card via this convenient shopping cart processing service.


You can always contact us at purelycbdmexico@gmail.com . You can place your order online or via email or text communication. We are happy to help and to answer any questions.